Dublin based photographer and writer, some of the publications that have featured my images and features over the years. If you have an interesting project that you would like to discuss, contact me today. 


Contributor to:


Calendars, Books and other:

  • Violent Veg Gallery 1 - Penguin books, Co-Creator and lead photographer.

  • Violent veg "tales from the crisper" - Barnes & Noble, Co-Creator and lead photographer.

  • Irish Farmer Calendar 2020, 2018 & 2013 lead photographer,

  • Irish Farmer Calendar 2019 CP. 

  • GQ Magazine May 2020, "Clint Eastwoods car collection will make your day" CP

  • "Irish Farmers the book", St Martins Griffin publisher New York, CP.

  • Hot Rod Showcase Volume 1, Lead photographer.

  • "Famine and Finance" book, cover photography.

  • Lets Ride: Choppers (Book) CP.

  • Epic Monster Trucks, (Book) CP 2019

  • Epic Hot rods, (Book) CP 2019

  • Eye witness travel Ireland 2017 (Dorland Kindersley), CP.

  • DK eyewitness travel Ireland 2018 (Dorland Kindersley), CP.

  • The very best of trike magazine, CP.

  • Johnson Brothers CD cover shot photography

  • Lets Ride: Monster Trucks (book), CP.

  • Lucie Diamond CD and sleeve notes photographer

  • Nutrition & Health (organic foods b7 Jennifer Mackay) Book, CP.

  • Custom cars Ideas book, CP.

  • Custom Bike Magazine (Germany), CP

  • Cultural landscape, an introduction to human geography (book, Pearson) CP

  • Choppers (Horsepower) book, CP.

  • City Psychology: How to Be Happy in a Metropolis By Paul Kidwell (book) CP

  • Open Mind (book, Macmillan), CP.

  • American classic cars calendar (Cover shot and contributor)

  • Classic car calendars, Various, CP.

(CP = Contributing photographer)

Broadcast media:

  • Marty and Bernard on the road again, on screen photographer, Shinawil Productions for RTE, Featured photographer, (First broadcast May 2020)

  • BBC radio Derby - Panellist and interviewee (2011 -2012)

  • Faceon magazine - Profile interview

  • Litebook (bowens lighting magazine) , profile interview

  • Radio interviews - re Farmer calendar photography and other (2017 /2018 / 2019)

  • Progressive greetings - Feature re Violent veg work

Other press:

The Sun (UK)  -  The Irish Sun - The Telegraph - JOE.ie - Have I got News for you (TV) - Maverick magazine - Blues & Soul magazine - Derbyshire Life Magazine - Irish Independent Newspaper - HER.ie - Lonely Planet Magazine - Soul & Spirit magazine - Car Kulture Deluxe magazine (US) - Street fighter magazine - Evoke.ie - People Magazine - National Forest Annual report (UK) - Huffington Post - MSN News - Kustom Kulture Magazine (US) - Period Ideas Magazine - Progressive greetings magazine - IMF Annual report (EU) - The Herald - Tamworth News - Pinstriping & Graphics Magazine and numerous others.

Former websites www.dublinphotographer.eu & www.isphotographic.co.uk

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All images copyright Ian Shipley 2020

"violent Veg" imagery copyright of Brandmaster Limited